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Signs It's Time to Replace Your Carpeting

There are certain signs that you need a new carpet installation, such as increased allergies and heavy carpet stains. By recognizing these signs, you can replace your old carpet with a brand-new carpet installation that will look beautiful in your home. Let’s take a closer look at the common signs it is time to replace your carpeting.

It is covered in stains.

If your carpeting has several stains that refuse to come out or fade in appearance, then it is time to replace it. Even with professional carpet cleaning, your carpet stains may remain. When a carpet shows frequent or large stains, then it is a sign that the entire carpet installation should be replaced.

You have increased allergies.

When you or your family members experience increased signs of allergies, then your carpet should be replaced soon. Carpet holds dirt, pollen, and bacteria in its fibers. Even with regular vacuuming, your carpet will eventually hold onto these allergens indefinitely. If the carpet has a musty smell to it as well, then you may have mold growing in the carpeting or padding beneath it. It is important to your family’s health that you replace your carpeting with more allergy-friendly options soon.

It has signs of wear.

A carpet that shows signs of wear and tear can be old or made from low-quality materials. No matter the reason, a worn carpet should be replaced soon. Signs of wear will include frayed fibers, curled edges, and faded spots.

It is older carpet.

As your carpet ages, it will begin to break down and show signs of wear, even with dedicated vacuuming and cleaning. Most carpet installers recommend that carpets be replaced every 10 years or so. This prevents increased allergies, mold, and unattractive stains from becoming detrimental to your house.

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