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Choosing the Best Flooring for Your Commercial Business

There are several types of commercial flooring options, such as linoleum, VCT floor tile, and hardwood floors. Choosing the best flooring for your business depends on a few different factors like your foot traffic and the type of product you sell. Let’s take a quick look at how to choose commercial flooring for your business.

Research Your Foot Traffic

Your business’ daily foot traffic will have a significant impact on the type of commercial flooring you choose. You may also consider using different flooring for various areas of your store to accommodate different types of foot traffic. For example, your entrances should be floored with durable carpeting, linoleum, or tile. You may consider wood flooring elsewhere in your store or business, but it should be installed in a low-impact area to reduce dents, scuffs, and other damages.

Consider Your Product

Consider the type of product that you sell. If your business sells food or drinks, then avoid a wood or carpet installation. If foods and drinks were to fall, then these floors would incur the most damage. If you sell heavy or large products, then consider installing linoleum, carpeting, or cork wood flooring. These floor types are low-maintenance and will resist damages if a heavy product falls on them.

Examine Your Business’ Personality

Your business’ personality will also play a role in choosing the right flooring. If your business has a fun personality that is geared toward kids and adventure, then install brightly-colored linoleum, tile, or carpeting. If your business is a bookstore, clothing store, or a boutique, then consider neutral-colored tile, carpet, or high-quality wood flooring. Consider how your customers and employees will respond to the flooring every time they enter your business, and this will help you choose the right type of floor.

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