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Features to Look for in Marine Carpeting

If you are the proud owner of a sailboat or other type of marine vessel, you may want to add comfort and elegance to your cabin with a marine carpet installation. After your marine carpet installation is completed, you will be able to enjoy a soft and luxurious flooring surface that is incredibly inviting after a long day out on the water. To help you achieve the best results from your carpet installation, here is a look at some features to look for in marine carpeting.

Look for Premium Materials

In order to make sure that your boat’s carpet is able to last throughout the years and seasons, it is essential to choose a carpet material that has been woven from premium materials. A high quality synthetic or wool rug will be more resistant to water damage and staining than budget alternatives. You may also find that spending a bit more on your marine carpet will make your floors even more comfortable.

Ask About Microbial Resistance

Whether you are out on the open water or docked at the marina, your boat’s carpets will be exposed to certain amounts of sea water and other substances that contain microbes and bacteria. In order to make sure that bacteria do not eat away at your carpet’s fibers, it is a good idea to choose a product that has been treated for microbial resistance.

Seek Out Stain Resistance

One of the primary issues with marine carpet is that this type of flooring may have more of a tendency to develop stains and other unsightly marks. As you are shopping for carpeting for your boat, it is a terrific idea to choose a product that has been specially engineered to resist stains.

At Bay Carpet, our carpet installers in New York can assist you with every step of your flooring installation for your boat. Whether you are shopping for marine carpet or another type of material for your flooring installation, we will have the right product for your needs. Give us a call at (718) 366-5001 to hear more about how we can assist you.


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