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The Staircase Debate: Carpet Runner or Bare Hardwood?

There is a constant debate that pits carpeting against hardwood flooring installation, and neither is a decisive winner across the board. There are differences between residential flooring choices, and the same option might not be equally viable in two different scenarios. Continue reading if you are ready to get involved in the staircase debate.

Aesthetic Quality

There’s no right or wrong answer when choosing between carpet runners and bare hardwood for your stairs, especially in terms of aesthetics. Both options may shine in the right setting. It helps to look at the design you already have, and think about which option would fit in most easily. If you have hardwood throughout the rest of your house, you might want to keep that going for your staircase. Carpet and wood can go nicely together, on the other hand, and carpet runners make the stairs more comfortable.

Family Friendliness

When you have small children running around the house, you need to think about their safety before anything else. Some elements of home design play important roles in this matter, and flooring installation is one of them. Carpet runner is the clear winner when it comes down to safety. Bare hardwood may look nice, but it doesn’t provide as much traction as carpeting. The staircase becomes even more of a hazard if any of the steps happen to be wet, which makes the home potentially dangerous for children. If you have kids, play it safe and go with carpet runner.


Price is always a factor when choosing flooring, but in the long run the two options turn out to be similarly affordable. Carpet is budget-friendly, but your stairs might already come with a nice wooden finish. You can also have your staircase refinished in the future, which is more affordable than having it replaced.

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