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Mistakes to Avoid with Hardwood Floors

Wood floors are a beautiful addition to any household. However, after your flooring contractor has finished the installation process, it will be up to you to preserve the beauty and quality of your new floors. By avoiding some of the top hardwood flooring maintenance mistakes, you can keep this home addition looking great for decades. Some of the most common hardwood flooring mistakes include:

Mopping with Excess Water

While a wet mop can be used to clean a vinyl or linoleum floor, using too much water on your hardwoods can result in serious damage to your flooring. When your hardwood floors are in need of deeper cleaning, you can restore their beauty by mopping them with a damp mop. Make sure the mop is only damp, as too much water can cause your hardwoods to warp, crack, or delaminate.

Vacuuming with the Wrong Attachments

Whenever possible, it is best to gently sweep your hardwood floor in order to remove dirt and dust. If you will be cleaning your floors with a vacuum, avoid using attachments that are designed for carpeting or upholstery. The wrong attachments can scratch your hardwood floors, leading to unsightly damage.

Neglecting Spills and Stains

Like carpets and other flooring materials, hardwood floors can stain when they come into contact with certain substances. If you spill juice, red wine, or other brightly colored liquids onto your wood floors, make sure to clean up the mess right away. Prompt cleaning of spills will help you avoid permanent stains on your beautiful hardwood floors.

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