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Basic Facts to Know About Carpet Fibers

Before you call the contractor to set up your carpet installation, you should know a little bit about your options. Nylon, polyester, and wool are some of the more popular choices for carpet fibers, and understanding the differences between them helps you make an informed decision. Here are some of the basic facts that you should know about carpet fibers.


The type of fiber you choose for your carpet installation affects how your flooring looks and feels as well as how you should go about maintaining it. Nylon is a nice choice for areas that get a lot of foot traffic, as it’s got great crush resistance and will stand up to abrasion. This kind of carpet is also easy to clean and hides soils and spills well, but it’s lacking when it comes to sunlight resistance. Some nylon carpets even come with built-in static control.


Although it’s not quite as resistant to abrasion as nylon, polyester is a relatively durable carpet fiber. It’s better for areas where there’s only moderate foot traffic, so it’s probably not your ideal choice for hallways or entryways. Polyester does a good job of resisting water-soluble stains as well as exposure to ultraviolet rays. You can also save some money by going with polyester, as it’s not quite as expensive as some of its alternatives.


If you’ve got the budget for it, wool may be the way to go. Wool carpet fibers are soft and luxurious, and they’re easy to dye so you’ll have plenty of color options to choose from. It’s also unique in that it self-extinguishes in flames, so it’s a safe choice and an easy investment to protect. Taking care of a wool carpet is easy if you use it in the right places. Try keeping it to the master bedroom or another area where it won’t take too much damage.

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