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Flooring installation projects are heavily influenced by the setting. The particular needs of a healthcare setting rules out the possibility of using carpet or real wood flooring. Instead, linoleum is a perfect choice because it holds up well to heavy foot traffic, it has a decades-long lifespan, and it doesn’t release volatile organic compounds (VOCs). A commercial flooring specialist will recommend medical-grade linoleum, which offers unique benefits for hospitals and clinics.

Unlike standard linoleum, medical-grade linoleum features heat-welded seams. This means it resists water penetration, and in doing so, also resists the proliferation of mold spores. Sealed, medical-grade linoleum is naturally antimicrobial. As long as it’s maintained properly, it shouldn’t contribute to hospital-acquired infections from viruses, bacteria, or fungi. Typically, flooring experts recommend sheet linoleum for hospital settings. Installing the material in long, six-foot or 12-foot sheets is another way that medical-grade linoleum offers superior resistance against moisture penetration.

For all of your commercial flooring needs near New York, NY, you can count on the expert team at Bay Carpet. Call (718) 366-5001 with your questions about our medical-grade linoleum or other commercial flooring options.

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