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There are so many species of wood flooring, and it’s tough to decide which is right for your home because they all have beautiful, unique characteristics. One of your many choices is hickory hardwood. Visit a wood floor showroom to see how your new hickory floor would look before making your choice. You can also ask around among your friends. If any of them already have hickory floors, invite yourself over to check them out.


Hardwood floors are given a Janka rating, which is an objective assessment of the hardness of the wood. At 1820, hickory has one of the best Janka ratings among domestic hardwoods. This means that, once you schedule your wood floor installation, it may be decades before you consider replacing it—if ever. This can be a major selling point for active families with kids and pets. Of course, no hardwood is completely invincible. A dog’s nails can still make scratches here and there, but this fact underscores another benefit of choosing hickory: The complex grain pattern readily hides minor scratches.


Hickory has one of the most beautiful and intricate grain patterns you can find. It tends toward a straight, coarse grain that varies from off-white in color (the sapwood) to tan and brownish-red (the heartwood). It can also have attractive highlights of yellow and gold. Hickory flooring will accept stains well, but you could also leave your prefinished planks as is to enjoy the natural beauty of this popular hardwood.


Many homeowners choose hickory because it gives their homes an inviting ambience. It’s ideal for rooms that could use a brightening influence, as the palette is on the lighter side. Despite the lighter colors, you’ll likely find that your new hickory floors bring warmth into your home.

Bay Carpet is a premier provider of high-quality, prefinished wood flooring. Hickory is one of the many types of wood floors we install near New York, NY. Questions? Call (718) 366-5001.

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