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Installing carpet in your living room and bedrooms will treat your feet to luxurious softness, especially if you choose plush carpeting. Plush carpet isn’t a type of fiber—it’s a type of pile. Plush carpets feature a higher pile than most, and the tops of the fibers are sheared for a smooth, even finish. Talk to an expert carpet installer before you make your final choice, and consider the following factors.

Durability of Plush Carpet

Plush carpet is incredibly soft and luxurious, but it won’t have the same durability of a loop-pile carpet like berber. That said, you can increase the longevity of a plush carpet by choosing a high-quality brand. Additionally, look for a plush carpet that features tighter twists, with a higher density. This allows the wear and tear to distribute more evenly among the fibers. The cushion, which is the base of the carpet, should also be fairly sturdy.

Locations for Plush Carpet

The durability issue will likely influence your decision about where to have plush carpeting installed. It isn’t an ideal choice for high traffic areas like the stairs and hallways. However, its luxurious look and feel makes it an excellent choice for a sitting room that you use for occasional entertaining. Because of its softness, new parents often prefer to install it in the baby’s nursery, with the understanding that it will need replacement later down the road. In fact, any bedroom is a great place to install a high-quality plush carpet, especially for homeowners who live in the northern climates. It’s always pleasant to feel warm carpet under your feet when you get out of bed in the morning.

Maintenance of Plush Carpet

You can keep your plush carpet looking like new for longer by taking good care of it. Vacuum it at least once a week, but twice weekly is ideal. Move the vacuum in long, slow swipes to dislodge the grime hiding underneath those long fibers. Place area mats on high traffic areas like entryways.

Top-quality residential and commercial carpeting are available from Bay Carpet. Our carpet installers in New York, NY are courteous professionals who will treat your home as if it was their own. Call us at (718) 366-5001, and ask us about our special financing offers.

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