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All types of healthcare facilities need resilient and rugged flooring that holds up well to high traffic volumes. But healthcare facilities also need to make design choices based on the psychological needs of their patients, and this is particularly true of long-term care facilities. Although it’s commercial flooring, it should have a residential feel that promotes a warm, soothing ambience.

Your flooring contractor may recommend luxury sheet vinyl or laminate flooring. Both of these options offer a wide range of style choices, but are also able to withstand significant wear and tear. Consider choosing laminate planks that mimic the look of real hardwood for your residents’ rooms and common gathering areas. Luxury vinyl could be a great choice for the dining and recreation areas. Choose a pattern that isn’t too “busy,” especially if your long-term care facility houses residents with Alzheimer’s.

The Bay Carpet commercial flooring team in New York, NY can help you choose a type and style of flooring that is best suited to the needs of your residents and patients. Call (718) 366-5001 or visit our commercial flooring showroom today.

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