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Sustainable products can save you money and lessen your impact on the environment, so do some thinking before you look for a wood floor installation. There are different species of wood to choose from, and they’re not all equally sustainable. Continue reading for some examples of sustainable hardwood flooring for your home.


Hardwood flooring is in high demand, but we have to chop down trees before wood floor installation can happen. Species of wood that can last a long time as flooring reduces the amount of trees we need to chop down, allowing more time for the population of trees to grow. Maple is a versatile and long-lasting type of wood, and you can get different types of patterns out of it. Note that maple can be hard or soft, and softer maple might not be the ideal choice for your flooring.

Black Cherry

Cherry wood is also versatile, and it’s used in everything from cabinets to guitars. Ultraviolet exposure will darken the wood, which is typically a pink or reddish color. It’s easy to work with, but be careful not to overload it with too much weight. Its straight grain and texture make it an attractive flooring option, and its wavy rings add to the appeal. Although cherry trees grow in abundance, the only species that grows big enough to be used for applications like flooring is black cherry.


It’s nice when your wood flooring is resistant to water, which is the case for those who have certain types of oak floors. White oak is known for its strength and durability, so it’s an excellent choice for flooring. Its density keeps it from bending due to foot traffic, and it can be found in many areas in the eastern parts of the United States. Red oak doesn’t handle water so well, so it’s not the best for outdoor use.

There’s more to a wood floor installation near New York, NY, than what the floor looks like as soon as it’s laid down. Call Bay Carpet at (718) 366-5001 and choose wood flooring that will last over time without wearing down.

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