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Commercial Flooring In New York

Bay Carpet has the largest selection of carpet at competitive prices.
Click here to see the brands that we sell.
We will install Commercial Carpet as well as these other flooring options:

LVT And Vinyl Plank

LVT and vinyl Plank have become one of the most popular and cost effective flooring choices for the commercial environment today. Its durability and style are the top choice for offices, hallways, and lobby areas. The product comes in simulated wood floor looks and tile looks to suit any decor. LVT is very low maintenance and requires no wax or treatments to keep it looking good. It is resistant to stains and is not affected by water as natural wood products are. Call Bay Carpet and Flooring to have samples brought to your Office or Place of business today. All estimates and proposals are free-of-charge.

Sheet Vinyl

Sheet Vinyl has come a long way from the days of yesteryear. Sheet vinyl today is thicker and more resistant to damage and tearing than ever before. The new sheet vinyl of today has much more realistic visuals than ever before — featuring the new stressed looks in grey and taupe wood planks and dark and medium earth tones are also very popular. Sheet vinyl comes in 12 + 13 inch widths allowing for seamless installation in many cases. This product is also very low maintenance requiring no waxes or sealers to maintain its beauty. Sheet vinyl is one of the best values for homeowners who want up-to-date visuals with an affordable price.

Commercial Sheet Goods Or Linoleum

These products are specifically designed for high traffic commercial applications such as medical facilities, hospitality applications, and other commercial applications. These products come in 6 foot widths as well as 12 foot. We also carry medical linoleum requiring heat-welded seams and flash cove for longevity and anti-microbial applications for hospitals and sensitive medical spaces. Call today to set-up on appointment for a free evaluation of your project now.

VCT Tile

VCT is the most cost effective hard surface flooring you can buy for your commercial space. It features easy installation and high durability. It may require sealing and waxing after initial installation for best results.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is one of the favorite choices of many consumers today. It affords all the natural looks and solid feel under foot. People love that it can be installed with custom staining and refinishing — or it can be purchased prefinished in many plank sizes and colors. Natural wood floors do need some maintenance unlike simulated vinyl wood looking floors over time.

Laminated Flooring

Laminate flooring is more stain and scratch resistant than wood flooring. It is installed as a floating floor. The better quality laminate floors have a very long-life expectancy and never need to be refinished, and they are water resistant.

Commercial Flooring

Bay Carpet and Flooring has all major brands of commercial carpet, vinyl, stair treads and hardwood products available. Let Bay Carpet help design and install your commercial flooring for all your commercial spaces. Call for free on-site estimate now.