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Here at Bay Carpet, we take pride in being a major mat manufacture’s distributor. From entrance mats, to runners, to foot grills, and more, we do it all. Need a logo mat? We can help! Our durable mats come in a wide range of colors and sizes, so you’re sure to find what you need to match both the physical and visual needs of your business. First impressions are everything to your clients, and our design consultants are standing by to help you make the right choice to aid in the safety and aesthetic enjoyment of your customers. Take advantage of our free on-location estimates where we bring samples to you, or feel free to browse our mat selection catalog online or in the store. Download Catalog

Give Your Customers the Gift of a Grand Entrance

Mat carpeting adds a multipurpose benefit to your business. In addition to enhancing your company’s image, it also serves as an important safety measure, protecting clients and employees alike from slip and fall accidents that may lead to litigation, especially on rainy days. Rubber backings also prevent the mat itself from slipping across the floor, further increasing the safety of your entranceways and high-traffic areas.  

Additionally, entrance and walkway mats serve to protect your existing floors. Because they remove moisture and clean dirt from the shoes of your guests, the debris is contained before it can accumulate on the floors under and around it. Providing this layer of protection in high-traffic areas goes a long way toward extending the life of your hardwood, tile, concrete, and granite floors, which are prone to chips, scratches, and cracks over time.  

This additional protection has an added bonus: Your small investment in mat carpeting installation from Bay Carpet saves you money in the long run due to the reduced maintenance costs and wear and tear on your existing floor, leading to more room in the company budget for more pressing business expenses.  

Furthermore, mat carpeting offers a unique branding opportunity. Custom logo mats add company visibility to entrances, lobbies, and reception areas, helping to build brand recognition and turn guests into customers for life.   Download Catalog

A Variety of Flooring Services for any Project

Bay Carpet provides a large variety of both residential and commercial flooring solutions. From carpeting to vinyl flooring installation and everything in between, our expert installation techs, design consultants, and customer service representatives are standing by to provide you with the same quality service we’ve been providing to the New York City area for over 35 years. We carry the top brands in the industry at a fraction of the price, so you can rest assured your project will be completed with quality products, skilled installation, and a price point to match any budget. Let our complimentary on-location consultation services guide your project toward success, so you can enjoy flooring that will provide you with enjoyment and functionality for years to come. Download Catalog