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Why can I still see carpet seams after installation?

Seams in carpeting are often visible, especially if your carpet is a low pile, flat-weave, or looped product. If you install a plush or shaggy carpet, you’ll have a harder time finding the seams. Seam visibility can be mitigated if you plan out the placement ahead of time. Just keep in mind that, in order to keep seams placed in certain areas, you may need to purchase a large quantity of carpet. Also note that once your installers are on the job, your carpet has already been cut. They’ll do their best to accommodate your needs, but not much can be done to change the layout by then.

In short, if you’re concerned about seam placement, always discuss this with a professional ahead of time!

How do I avoid odors and shedding after carpet installation?

You can’t fully avoid them, but that new carpet smell may linger for a shorter period if you vacuum thoroughly. As a secondary benefit, you’ll also be able to pick up a lot of the inevitable shedding/shredding that occurs with most new carpeting.

Speaking of shedding, this is a normal result of manufacturing and will not affect the lifespan or appearance of your new carpet. They’re also quite large and, as such, will not impact your home’s air quality. Most shedding will completely disappear within the first year.

I have extra carpet after installation. Was I overcharged?

No. This is normal and necessary! As a standard, carpet comes in certain widths that will be seamed together in the same direction. Expect between 15 to 20 percent of waste on an average carpet installation job, though you may have more depending on the dimension of your room. For patterned carpet, you may also need extra in order to match and keep that pattern consistent throughout your room design. You can discuss all of this with your designer ahead of time.

Is there a way to avoid leaving visible footprints on my carpet?

As carpet fibers have gotten finer over the years, this has led to much softer flooring! The downside of this innovation, however, is visible foot traffic. If you’re concerned with footprints, work with your Bay Carpet and Flooring expert to choose a carpet with a very tightly constructed weave.

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